History of Gillis Farms
Fayetteville, NC

The Gillis Family has been in the Cumberland - Hoke County area for over 200 years. The Gillis Family is comprised of Farmers, Home Builders, Entrepreneurs, Finance Officers, and even Politician . Throughout the years the Gillis Family has stayed engaged in the community from helping bring electricity to the rural areas to serving on several volunteer boards.  

Several members of the Gillis Family got together to Incorporate Gillis Farms Inc in 1979. Gillis Farms Inc, spent years producing Agricultural goods such as Hogs, Cattle, Tobacco, Soybeans, Corn, Cotton, Wheat, Oats, Straw, and Coastal Bermuda Hay.  Today, Gillis Farms Inc, offers the Agricultural products of Straw, and Coastal Bermuda Hay.  Straw is used for Erosion Control, Animal Bedding, Landscaping, Gardening, and various decorative designs. Coastal Bermuda Hay in Large Round Bales, is mainly used for Livestock Animal Feed. We also have numerous sizes of Natural Stone Boulders and used Farm/Construction Equipment. 

These products are available for shipping. 

Gillis Farms Inc offers services such as Custom Baling of Straw and Hay, Land Clearing, Truck Hauling, and Debris Removal.                                                

We have bilingual staff, English or Spanish speaking, to assist you.

For inquiries about the available products on our farm, call or email us today.