Land Clearing, Grading and
Other Site Work

Before any construction work takes place, you need to prepare the land you’re building on, whether that is a home site, business site, or a pasture for your animals.  But this task isn’t just for anyone. You need the correct equipment and expertise for the job to be done right the first time—and that’s what our team is here for. 

At Gillis Farms Inc., we offer land clearing, grading and other site work. Our team is made up of well-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced staff members who are more than capable of accomplishing the job efficiently. We can assess your property and provide you with a competitive quote.  

Gillis Farms Inc. will help you transform your rough property, create a base for your next project or into an enjoyable outdoor area.      

We have bilingual staff, English or Spanish speaking, to assist you. For inquiries about the available products on our farm, call or email us today.                                          straw and Coastal Bermuda Haystraw and Coastal Bermuda Hay